Doors that do what Bi-folds don’t

Award Winning Patented Design, Manufactured in UK

A Door you can use 52 weeks a year, not just 2 weeks a year

Eliminate the restricted opening possibilities of a Bi-folding Door

Elegant, Functional, Affordable. As seen on Sarah Beeny’s “Double Your House For Half The Money”

Design Your Doors Here in 30 Seconds

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Pure Contemporary Elegance with no unsightly Handles or Hinges

Functional by Design:

Limitless opening possibilities to suit your world and our weather

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Bespoke Solutions for Any project

Open Up your Home or Leisure Areas

Open Up your Home or Leisure Areas

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    New Wave slide and swing doors

    New Wave slide and swing doors


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    The New Wave Door Group is based in Bristol and is dedicated to the design and manufacture on the unique New Wave Door System.

    This includes:

    • The Supply of the New Wave Door System to Licensed Manufacturers Throughout the UK and Europe.
    • Fully Manufactured New Wave Doors supplied to the Trade.
    • Fully Manufactured and Installed New Wave Doors for Homeowners.

    The New Wave Slide and Swing

    The New Wave slide & swing patio door was first released in the UK in 2012 as a result of the endeavour of New Wave Doors to find a better solution for wide span, multi panel patio doors than the technically and operationally flawed bi-folding door.

    The company have brought to market the most innovative patio door system available, which is superior to all other multi panel systems for many reasons.

    It is the most significant development in multi panel door systems ever.

    • Any combination of panels can be opened. Open as much or as little of your door as you need (or the weather allows).
    • Just use your New Wave Door for ventilation if you wish. There are many, many days when you couldn’t use a bi-fold but you can use a New Wave.
    • Every New Wave has a  ‘traffic door’ which you can use just like a conventional front or back door.
    • Increased reliability: panels are completely independent and not connected by hinges and complex hardware. Far less likely to have a problem and far easier to fix if there is.
    • Increased security and weather resistance: Panels fully interlock AND are rebated inside and out.
    • Elegant by design. Smooth, sleek, clean sight lines with no unsightly handles and hinges.
    • Saves space in your Home and Garden that is rendered useless by the operation of a bi-fold. This is more space than you think.
    • So much easier to use than a bi-fold.
    • Designed and engineered with no compromise on Quality or Performance, yet still surprisingly affordable.

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